Aussie Gold Spare Parts


Flexible Connectors


1. FFC505 Flexi Connect 50mm

2. FFC404 Flexi Connect 40mm

3. FFC504 Flexi Connect 40mm x 50mm

4. FFC449 Flexi Connect Elbow 90Deg 40mm


Flexible Connectors are made from the highest quality
neoprene compound.


Hose Clamps


FHC440 Hose Clamp Quick Release 2pk 40mm

FHC450 Hose Clamp Quick Release 2pk 50mm


Quick Release Hose Clamps are super fast to fit and remove. Perfect for both the service person and the pool owner.




MOK100 Imperial O-ring Kit – (382 O-rings), 30 individual sizes

MOK300 Metric O-ring Kit – (401 O-rings), 34 individual sizes


An extensive range of O-rings is available to fit most popular brands of equipment. Each O-ring is professionally presented for easy in-store identification and display. Pool Systems also carries complete service person O-ring Kits designed specially for the industry professional. Please check our current Price List for a full list of O-rings.




PGV040 Eco Pure/Reliance MKIII 40mm

PGV050 Eco Pure/Reliance MKIII 50mm

PGV670 Spider Hurlcon 40mm

PGV673 Spider Hurlcon/Praher 2" 50mm

PGV740 Spider 5 spoke 40mm

PGV742 Spider Poolrite V800 (old style) 50mm

PGV746 Spider Poolrite V600 (thin new style) 50mm

PGV753 Spider Hayward Sp-715 5 spoke 50mm

PGV764 Spider Hayward Sp-710D 6 spoke 40mm

PGV812 Spider Sta-Rite Wc212 5 Spoke

PGW094 Spider Waterco Post 94 40mm


We stock all popular gaskets to suit all major Multiport Valves. Please check our current Price List or contact Customer Care for complete details.




Super Lube


ALH024 Super Lube Aussie Gold 24x20g


Super Lube Display Pack of 24 in 20g jar. Silicon Lubricant & Sealant. Ideal pack size to sell to every pool owner when they purchase gaskets or O-rings. Handy counter display to generate impulse purchases.



Weir Doors


1. PWD109 Filtrite – SKB900, 130mm x 228mm

2. PWD195 Filtrite – SKB950, 128mm x 240mm

3. PWD307 Waterco, 145mm x 243mm

4. PWD310 Filtrite – SK1000 (Alternative), 170mm x 252mm

5. PWD405 Clark Weir WA72, 128mm x 175mm

6. PWD472 Clark Inground /  WA72, 130mm x 210mm

7. PWD509 Filtrite – SKB900, 130mm x 228mm

8. PWD595 Filtrite – SKB950, 128mm x 240mm

9. PWD703 Baker Hydro/Purex, 130mm x 239mm

10. PWD826 Paramount, 145mm x 230mm

11. PWD513 Quiptron Weir Door, 145mm x 245mm


Weir Door Spares


1. PDC118 Weir Door Hinge Pin – Poolrite

2. PDC348 Weir Door Hinge Pin – Waterco

3. PSS614 Weir Door Catch – SK1000

4. PSS635 Quiptron Latch Assembly 2pk




Deck Lids


1. PLS258 Clark Inground/WA72, O/D – 250mm SLIP – 212mm

2. PLS511 Waterco  SK104, O/D – 300mm SLIP – 270mm

3. PLS809 Filtrite – SKB900, O/D – 270mm SLIP – 229mm

4. PLS813 Filtrite – SKB950, O/D – 270mm SLIP – 242mm

5. PLS819 Filtrite – SKB950, O/D – 270mm SLIP – 242mm

6. PSS270 Baker Hydro, O/D – 251mm SLIP – 231mm

7. PMF100 Multi Fit – White

8. PSS863 Paramount/Swimworld, O/D – 270mm SLIP – 242mm


Dress Rims


9. PSS623 Filtrite – SKB950

10. PSS620 Filtrite – SKB950

11. PSS272 Baker Hydro


Main Drain Covers


1. FMD280 White Aussie Gold, 240mm dia

2. FMD285 Blue Aussie Gold, 240mm dia

3. FMD290 Beige Aussie Gold, 240mm dia

4. FMD295 Black Aussie Gold, 240mm dia

5. FMD300 White Aussie Gold Low Profile, Fibreglass, 240mm dia


(Main Drain Covers are not intended for use on main drains with active suction)


These universal fitting covers are concrete filled to maximise weight. Designed to prevent all suction cleaners from becoming stuck on original grate style covers.


6. FMD415 Dega Old Style – White Dome, 295mm dia

7. FMD425 Dega Old Style – Blue Dome, 295mm dia

8. PSM495 Quiptron/Dega – White, Cover & Dress Rim, Fibreglass, 210mm dia

9. PSM715 Dega New Style – White (supersedes flat cover), 265mm dia


Vactrol Plates


1. CPC904 Baker Hydro/Purex & Poolrite S2500, 224mm

2. CPC908 Clark WA72 Inground / Swimquip, 214mm

3. CPC911 Nally / Fulflo, 244mm

4. CPC915 Paramount / F.P.I., 208mm

5. CPC917 Poolrite S1800, 229mm

6. CPC920 Quiptron, 240mm

7. CPC923 Filtrite SK900, 225mm

8. CPC926 Filtrite SK950, 214mm

9. CPC929 Waterco MKI, MKII, S75, 245mmw


Skimtrol Plates


1. CPC104 Baker Hydro/Purex & Poolrite S2500, 224mm

2. CPC108 Clark WA72 Inground/Swimquip, 214mm

3. CPC111 Filtrite SK900, 225mm

4. CPC115 Filtrite SK950, 214mm

5. CPC123 Nally/Fulflo, 244mm

6. CPC126 Paramount / F.P.I., 208mm

7. CPC129 Poolrite S1800, 229mm

8. CPC131 Quiptron, 240mm

9. CPC136 Waterco S75 MKI, 242mm

10. CPC139 Waterco MKII, 244mm

11. CPC144 Waterco S75 Lockdown MKII S75, 270mm

12. CPC148 Waterco Supaskimmer /Hurlcon (4 Lug), 270mm


Vacuum Plates


1. PVP124 Baker Hydro/Purex – Genuine, 220mm

2. PVP372 Clark Inground/WA72, Swimquip, 215mm

3. PVP414 Filtrite – SKB950/SKB952, 220mm

4. PVP468 Quiptron

5. PVP479 Filtrite – SKB900/SKB910, 220mm

6. PVP510 Hayward – SP1094-D, 139mm

7. PVP525 Hayward Sp1107-A

8. PVP552 Hayward – SP1104-A, 150mm

9. PVP564 Hayward Elbow 90 Degree

10. PVP558 Waterco – S75, 270mm

11. PVP665 Waterco  – Supaskimmer, 275mm

12. PVP780 Poolrite – S1800, 230mm

13. PVP795 Poolrite – S2500, 238mm

14. PVP837 Paramount, 216mm


Valve Spare Parts


1. POY374 Hayward Valve – O-ring & Teflon Seal

2. PSV389 Handle F.P.I suits MPV

3. PSV418 Bearing Non-Metallic Hayward MPV

4. PSV436 Valve Handle Hayward MPV

5. PSV482 Handle Spring Hayward MPV

6. PSV491 Washer Hayward MPV (Set of 2)


Mechanical Seals


1. PMS102 1/2" PAC Seal, Suits Davey XA & XB, Clark .56hp

2. PMS134 3/4" PAC Seal, Suits Most Pool Pumps

3. PMS534 3/4" Standard Seal – Type 6, Suits Most Pool Pumps

4. PMS734 3/4" Seal, Suits Most Waterco Pumps


Cartridge Lids


1. PLC030 Monarch – P4, 235mm

2. PLC080 Spa Quip – 2000 series, 215mm

3. PLC090 Waterco – Trimline MKII, 220mm


Pressure Gauges


1. PPG411 Lower Mount Stainless Steel

2. PPG415 Centre Back Mount Stainless Steel

3. PPG421 Lower Mount Liquid Filled 50mm

4. PPG500 Lower Mount Plastic – Salt Resistant

5. PPG422 Centre Back Mount Liquid Filled 50mm

6. PPG504 Centre Back Mount Plastic – Salt Resistant


Magnetic Utility Light


PWL001 Magnetic Utility Light With Remote


Suitable for pool, spa, home garden shed, boating and camping. The light is specially designed for above ground (vinyl & steel walled) pools. It uses an internal magnet to affix the light to the inside of the pool wall. Easy to attach
and remove.


Globes and Accessories


1. PSL243 Swimworld – 12V, 150W globe – 2 pin

2. PSL259 Waterco/Poolrite – 24V, 150W Globe

3. PSL274 Spa Electrics – 22V, 24V, 150W

4. PSL278 Spa Electrics – 12V, 100W

5. PSL276 Spa Electrics – 12V, 100W globe

6. PSL314 Waterco – 24V, 100W globe – 2 pin

7. PSL289 Stroud – 32V, 150W globe – Screw

8. PSL292 Stroud – 32V, 150W globe – 2 pin


Globes and Accessories


1. PSL304 Swimworld – Ceramic Terminal Block

2. PSL372 Powerite PAL-2000 50w Xenon Lamp

3. PSL412 Spa Electrics – 12V, 100W – GK Series

4. PSL424 Spa Electrics – 24V, 100W – GK Series

5. PSL432 Spa Electrics – 32V, 150W – GK Series

6. PSL290 Stroud – globe holder – Screw

7. PSL370 Stroud – globe holder – 2 pin




1. PSL395 Stroud C150 Lens – Clear, 174mm dia

2. PSL642 Spa Electrics – Lens Cap – Clear – GK Series, 172mm dia

3. PSL640 Spa Electrics – Lens Cap – Blue – GK Series, 172mm dia

4. PSL646 Spa Electrics – Lens Cap – Blue – WN Series, 110mm dia

5. PSL648 Spa Electrics – Lens Cap – Clear – WN Series, 110mm dia

6. PSL656 Spa Electrics – Lens Cap – Blue – SE3 Series, 170mm dia

7. PSL661 Spa Electrics – Lens Cap – Clear – SE3 Series, 170mm dia




PSL678 Spa Electrics – Lens Cap – White – SE3 Series

PSL690 Spa Electrics – Lens Cap – White – GK Series – Slotted


Avenger/Baracuda Parts


1. CAP001 Auto Pilot Assembly

2. CPB007 Pool Cleaner Skirt – Deluxe

3. CPN006 Pool Cleaner Skirt – Standard

4. CPB014 Blue Foot  – Deluxe

5. CPN013 Blue Foot – Standard

6. CPB024 Diaphragm Standard New/Old

7. CPB029 Diaphragm Cassette Straight Baracuda G2,G4,Zoom/Avenger Swim Safe

8. CPB036 Hose Weight Semi-Circular

9. CPB054 Leader Hose Adaptor

10. CPB072 Deflector Wheel – Standard

11. CPB076 Deflector Wheel – Large

12. CPB082 Outer Extension Pipe

13. CPB086 Inner Extension Pipe

14. CPB090 Hand Lock Nut

15. CPB094 Teflon Ring


Other APC Spares


1. CPB061 Skimmer Weir Elbow 45 Degree

2. CPB049 Inline Flow Valve – All Cleaners

3. CPB064 Skimmer Weir Adaptor


Kreepy Krauly Parts


1. CPC276 Wearing Sole – Deluxe

2. CPC283 Wing Set of 2

3. CPC405 Hose Motor

4. CPC415 Baffle Plate

5. CPC420 Swivel & Insert

6. CPC425 Wrap Around Wings

7. CPC430 Water Diverter

8. CPN276 Wearing Sole – Standard

9. CPC435 Hose Weight

10. CPC440 Hammer (flow valve)

11. CPN270 Pleated Seal – Standard

12. CPC270 Pleated Seal – Deluxe

13. CPC255 Bumper Strap


Poolvac Parts


1. CPC705 Wing Kit

2. CPC715 Flap Kit

3. CPC725 Foot Pod Kit

4. CPC735 Universal A-Frame Assembly Kit

5. CPC745 Pod Shoe – Ceramic

6. CPC765 Pod Shoe – Cork

7. CPC775 Pod Shoe – Concrete 4pk

8. CPC785 Turbine Bearing Kit